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  • Rapid: the method is 3 to 10 times faster than the standard method.
  • Economic: the application of the method can save significantly resources in the measurement budget.
  • Flexible: The method uses information available on the functional requirements to whatever level of detail they are.
  • Multi-level: You can mix estimates  made at very different levels of aggregation, for different parts of the system, since all of them will be compatible one with each other.
  • Accurate: experience shows that the method provides high precision at all levels of detail
  • Compliant: the method maintains a close compatibility with the basic model of each functional measurement method according to the dictates of ISO 14143.
  • Agreable: the method allows to share the basis of estimates making them less subjective and more acceptable in a customer-supplier relationship.
  • Automated: The method is supported by automated tools.
  • Public: the method is available for free in the public domain and its use is governed by the licence - Creatives Commons Attribution-Non derivative works.
  • Supported: the method is supported by specialists whose skills can be certified.
  • In evolution: DPO is committed to keep the methodology up to date, collecting feedbacks from the users and according to the evolution of the standard functional measurement methods.